Welcome to our family owned shop!  Where kindness always wins and aggressiveness is not acceptable!  We are understaffed and overtired but we are still surviving!  Do not mistake our sometimes slow service and stress for unhappiness - we are in the heart of our pandemic hits - you may be over it but our product costs are not!  Visit our FAQs section for some answers to some of the most common questions.

Please note there are limited quantities on bulk bagels without pre-order.  Visit the "News! Latest Updates" section for more details

The pandemic took a toll on ALL businesses but definitely hit our small family owned business in a way that is almost unbelievable if you don't know me.  What's even more crazy is that I am taking the hardest hit now due to record breaking product costs and a hijacked google listing.  I refuse to reduce the quality of our product for "the bottom line".  In order to offset some of these costs there may be some price increases on our menu and some items may be out of stock temporarily.


Monday - Friday 7am - 2pm

Saturday and Sunday 7am  - ?


Please note that weekend hours are adjusted each week due to staffing issues - updated on our facebook page weekly!


13081  Fair Lakes Shopping Center

Outdoor seating AND indoor seating available at this time!

Need a dozen?  Call 24 hours in advance to guarantee  your favorite flavors!

Walk in customers will be limited to 6 plain or supreme  and 4 per specialty flavor without at least 24 hours advance notice

For immediate updates follow us on Facebook:


e-mail: bagelsfrombuddies@gmail.com

At this time we cannot take orders through our website, chat or e-mail.  Please call the shop during operating hours to place an order!