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We have some great news!  Beginning Monday, May 30, 2022 we will Re-Open on Mondays!
We highly suggest pre-orders!  Bagel quantities will be limited for walk-ins to no more than 6 supreme or plain and no more than 4 of other flavors.  Call aheads must be 24 hours in advance and must be pre-paid!
Please also note that some of the less popular flavors are limited due to mixing schedules.   Yelling at the staff will not get you anywhere except another bagel shop!


Please note that we are dealing with major supply shortages as well as astronomical product costs.  Container type may vary.  Available menu items may vary.

Yes!  We are still short staffed!  We are working hard to serve our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible!  PLEASE DO NOT YELL AT THE STAFF!  You will be asked to leave if you cannot treat the staff like humans!  Please note weekend hours will adjust according to the staff available at that time!