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Please note that due to supply shortages some sandwiches may be unavailable at any given time!

Cold Sandwiches

Deli sandwiches served on your choice of bagel 

Broadway     roast beef, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomato, topped with mayo or barbecue    sauce 

Bronx     ham, turkey, bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo

 Central Park    turkey, lettuce, red onion, garlic herb cream cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto

Little Italy    salami, capicola ham, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, hot chopped peppers, italian dressing

Park Avenue     smoked turkey, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, chive cream cheese

Queens    ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato, topped with mayo or deli mustard

Times Square turkey, roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ranch or honey mustard

Villain   turkey, cucumber, avocado, sun-dried tomato pesto

Hot Sandwiches

Hot sandwiches served on a bagel (recommended toasted)

Brooklyn      roast beef, melted swiss, lettuce, tomato, topped with horseradish sauce

Canal Street smoked turkey, lettuce, onion, jalapeno cream cheese, hot chopped peppers, salsa

Chicken Caesar chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, parmesan, caesar dressing

Fifth Avenue    smoked turkey, bacon, melted provolone, lettuce, tomato, topped with mayo and russian

Manhattan    corned beef, pastrami, melted swiss, coleslaw, topped with russian

 Reuben      corned beef, melted swiss, saurkraut, topped with russian

Thai Chicken chicken breast, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, thai peanut sauce

Wallstreet      chicken breast, bacon, melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, topped with honey mustard or barbecue sauce

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