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Established in 1993 Bagel Buddies has strived to bring flavor and family recipes to our community.  Started by the Schiffman family, transplants from New York, Bagel Buddies was a way to bring a part of their New York home to thier new home in Fairfax Virginia.  Bringing family and New York bakery style bagel recipes, the Schiffmans began their journey making all of their dough in house from scratch.  Through the years, fun and requested flavors were added to the menu and Bagel Buddies became family to everyone in the community including the Shultz family.  As a matter of fact, when the Schiffmans decided to sell thier shop in 2009, Elissa Shultz, a former employee and her husband Peter who was introduced to this popular bagel shop when he began dating Elissa jumped on the opportunity.  At the time, Elissa and Peter had thier two oldest sons (2 1/2 and 4 months) and felt ready to take on this adventure.  It wasn't long before the Shultz crew was welcomed by the Schiffmans customer base and they formed their own family with the community through coffee, bagels, and cream cheese!  As time has progressed, the Shultz family not only added to their family with two more children, they added to their menu with new flavors.  The Shiffmans original bagel dough and cream cheese recipes are the base for everything the shop creates.  Creativiely has allowed the Shultz family to expand their beverage and food options to include holiday pies made from their own family recipes. 


Something that sets Bagel Buddies apart from other local bagel shops is that we do it right, the old fashion way.  Not only is our dough made from scratch and bagels formed on premises, when it is time to bake, our bagels are kettle boiled and baked in a hearth.  Bagels are baked fresh daily, sometimes several times during the day, it is not uncommon to get a hot toasty bagel straight out of the oven!  Our cream cheeses are hand mixed by our amazing staff.  Our customers are our family.  The community is such a big part of who we are as a business.   We hire within the community, many of our employees start as customers and join our team in high school.  One of the best things about the loyalty of our employees is having them come back and work on breaks when they go to college.  It shows what a strong sense of family we have.  One of our customers even helped us come up with our business slogan!  "Know your dough, the fresh taste we all knead!"


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