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Some of the most common questions answered here:

1. Why don't you bake more?  We So maybe you wanted to walk in and get two dozen plain bagels and we gave you a quantity limitation.  Maybe we were out of the onion you were craving (which you told us we "never" have but you actually have only been in 3 times in the past 4 months.  Simply put - every day you don't come in, those bagels are trash and product costs are high.  We highly suggest if you want a dozen or more to call 24 hours in advance to reserve the bagels you want.  Dough is only good for 3 days tops so every time we mix it is our best guess how much we will need.  We can't make 26 extra bagels every single day because this might be the one time in 5 weeks you decide to visit us.  We bake every flavor every day in quantities that are strategically based on how many we usually sell on any given day.  If you are going to have your entire day ruined over an onion bagel (we have bigger problems to worry about if an onion bagel will ruin your day) just give us a call - ask us to put one aside for when you come in.  If we baked so many of every flavor every day - that would be a lot of waste and we wouldn't survive.  

2. Why do you limit quantities?  This is a policy we developed during the peak of COVID to better plan what we bake and reduce waste.  Previously there were a lot of places we could donate our end of day bagels.  Thanks to the pandemic many of those places cannot or will not take them anymore.  So on a slow day anything we don't sell is just trash.

3.  Why don't you open until 7 and close so early?  This question has a few answers: a) we are super short staffed - this has been an issue since the Fall of 2021.  We are no different from any other business right now. b) most of the employees that work basically work open to close so we cannot extend those hours. c) do you know that our day actually starts between 4 and 4:30am?  Because our bagels are baked fresh daily we actually have to come in several hours before we open to get the shop ready for the day.  d) our sales drop dramatically after the breakfast rush - we actually lose money staying open later - this is also why we often have less of a bagel variety later in the day.

4. Why don't you take online orders?  One of the reasons you sometimes see Uber Eats as "unavailable" (aside from the fact that they take 30% plus any tip given) is because we have been busy and need to update bagel availability.  This is very complicated to do with an online ordering system especially as an understaffed business.  It would be very difficult to constantly update the availability of 24 bagel types during a rush.  We suggest ordering by phone however please note that if we are taking phone payment from another customer we cannot click over while taking payment.  Sometimes our phone rings nonstop - please if we put you on hold DO NOT hang up and call back 3 seconds later - this actually prolongs our ability to help you.

5. Why don't you offer espresso drinks?  This also has a few answers: a)we used to - our machine broke and quite frankly we can't afford a replacement b) when we offered espresso drinks our machine was fairly slow - we received complaints too often about how long it would take to produce them c) too many customers expected Starbucks - we don't have the staff or the equipment to produce drinks that fast.

6. The owner is NEVER here - why?  Funny story - the owner works EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Sometimes - the owner comes in, bakes the open, goes home, gets her kids to school, comes back (sometimes after doing supply runs) and runs the closing shift alone.  Then after closing she stays and mixes bagel dough.  Sometimes, she's just in the back making cream cheeses, prepping veggies, etc.  Do not mistake not putting your eyes on the owner for lack of hours put in!  

7.  Why don't you advertise more?  Sure the outcome is supposed to outweigh the cost - but we aren't there.  We simply cannot afford to.  Did you know that our leasing company continued to raise our already crazy rent every six months during the pandemic? 

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